My name is Bianca Aguglia and this is the website where I write about the things I’m doing to learn data science.

Today (the day I’m writing this bio) is December 29th, 2018. I’m starting with very few of the skills needed to become a data scientist, but I have a passion for research and problem solving, and I want to make a difference.

I’m ready to learn the theory, practice the new skills, and start helping solve real world problems.

My goal with this website is to:

  • share my journey, with all its ups and downs;
  • share what I learn;
  • encourage others to learn on their own;
  • connect with other people passionate about playing a part in making the world better;
  • become known in the data science community and be sought after to work on meaningful projects.

Thank you for being here and best wishes on your own journey.