A list of data science terms and the definitions I find for them. A term can have more than one definition (sometimes, the perfect definition comes from combining a few imperfect ones. 😉 ).

Business Intelligence software

  • At its heart, business intelligence software is a data-wrangling program.BI software programs organize all your data sources (website data, CRM data, email data, financial and POS data) and let you see how those data sources interact (for example, did sales increase when you changed the colors on your website?).
    Source: Capterra blog post

Command line

  • The window, which is usually called the command line or command-line interface, is a text-based application for viewing, handling, and manipulating files on your computer. It’s much like Windows Explorer or Finder on the Mac, but without the graphical interface. Other names for the command line are: cmd, CLI, prompt, console, or terminal.
    Source: djangogirls tutorial

Data literacy

  • “Gartner defines data literacy as the ability to read, write, and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources and constructs, analytical methods and techniques applied, and the ability to describe the use case application and resulting value.”In plain English, data literacy means you know what data you’re tracking, why you’re tracking it, how to read that data, and how to use that data to save, or make, money.
    Source: Capterra blog post